Our brand is on a sustainability mission, redefining activewear with style and conscience. We select fabric that are long lasting and durable. More than half of the fabric from eco-friendly materials, marrying quality and ethics seamlessly. Embrace a healthier you while leaving a positive impact on the planet—one stylish step at a time.

For Slow Fashion

We craft lasting, resilient clothing with a focus on eco-friendly materials, inspired by the natural environment. We are committed to building a lifestyle that embodies this philosophy, uniting all individuals by crafting active apparel suitable for everyone who lives by similar attitudes. 


Lean Production (Small Batch):
Our garments are meticulously crafted in small batches, ensuring attention to detail and minimizing waste. This approach allows us to respond quickly to demand, producing only what is needed and avoiding excess inventory.

Locally Sourced:
We proudly source materials locally, reducing transportation emissions and supporting nearby economies. This approach ensures ethical labor practices and fosters a sense of community within our supply chain.

Recycled Material:
We incorporate recycled materials into our garments whenever possible, minimizing our environmental impact.

Highest Quality Standard

Our production process complies with the highest standards to create our environmentally friendly clothing. Please refer to the list of certifications provided below for further details.

OEKO-TEX | Certified safe organic material - rigorously tested for harmful substances.FSC | Strict compliance with responsible forest management and the highest social and environmental standards on the market. For the certification, please click here.

IDFL | Certified Global Recycle Standard (GRS) (Version 4.0) - ensures that products including textiles and apparels meet stringent criteria for sustainability and responsible sourcing. It verifies that the materials used in these products are sourced from recycled sources and have been processed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner throughout the supply chain. For the certification, please click here.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging utilizes decomposable materials such as cornstarch and paper instead of traditional plastic. Unlike traditional plastics, cornstarch-based materials break down much more rapidly when exposed to environmental conditions like moisture, heat, and microorganisms.